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where can i charge my electric car?
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Where Can I Charge My Electric Car?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for British drivers. In fact, the RAC estimates that there are around 456,000 EVs on British roads – a number that’s only likely to increase once the 2030 petrol ban comes into place.

As more drivers turn to EVs for their driving needs, charging points are becoming a hot resource. So, where can you charge an electric car? Read on as we outline your options…

Charging electric vehicles – the lowdown

Public charging

There are thousands of places across the UK where you can charge an electric car. In fact, at the close of June 2022, there were 32,663 UK-wide public charging points across a total of 19,960 locations.

These EV charge points are based in places like supermarkets, car parks, hotels, and shopping centres. Many of them are free, but will have conditions of use such as requiring an in-store purchase or having restrictions over the amount of time you can use the charger for.

Public charging spots can also differ in terms of the amount of time they’ll take to charge an EV. Usually, they’ll be fast or rapid charging points, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to fully charge your electric car. Remember to double check which kind of charging point you’re using before you get there, so that you can plan your day around your EV charging.

There are also a variety of different public electric vehicle charging networks that you can join. If you have a Tesla EV, you’ll automatically be able to use their Supercharger stations. Meanwhile, other providers like Polar and Ecotricity provide app-based access for drivers using their services to charge their electric car.

Workplace charging

Many businesses also provide charging points for electric cars on site. This is advantageous for commuters, who can benefit from charging their car whilst at work. Organisations can take advantage of the government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), a voucher-based scheme that helps to cover the upfront costs of purchase and installation of EV charge points.

At home charging

Domestic electric charging spots are devices dedicated to charging your EV. They typically deliver around 7kW of power, which is about 30 miles of electric range per hour.

At home charging points are one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to charge your electric car. You’ll typically choose from a tethered or untethered charging point – meaning that it either does or doesn’t have a cable that attaches the charger to the car. At home charging may also enable you to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs by charging overnight.

Find out more about at home electric car charging

Take advantage of cheaper, more convenient electric car charging that fits around your schedule by contacting Full Charge EV today. We can install an efficient and reliable electric car charger for homeowners and commercial clients across Leeds and beyond. Call 0113 3934 546 or email [email protected] today.


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